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All we have is this “one wild and precious life.”


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I am here to support you to FULLY Claim your power, passion, and purpose.

Radiant Rebirth  Coaching Program

My approach to coaching is built on a foundation of safety and trust. It is a collaborative and intuitive journey guided by YOUR SOUL'S TRUTH.



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We follow and listen to the truth of our soul. Our SAT NAM - our souls truth and essence. What it came here to be and to create in our lifetime.

We actively recognize, claim, and share our souls truth, its gifts and dreams with the world. With courage, we embody and we serve the transformative magic of our soul's medicine.

This profound journey involves deep communion and connection with our innermost visions, aliveness & desires. To achieve this, we engage in practical magic through clarity, accountability, personal responsibility and setting goals with soul.

Engage in Sacred Heart practices that facilitate healing from wounds related to self-sabotage, self-abandonment, betrayal, and loss. These transformative methods include: 

  • Dr. Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry
  • Santos & Ama Castro's Conscious Partnership Coaching
  • The Gestalt Practice of Giving Feelings a Voice
  • Inner Child & Inner Teenager Healing

Embrace your vulnerability and your tenderness and meet yourself in the sacred space of your heart.

Acknowledge the internalized systems of negative self-talk, self-defeating patterns, and disempowering cultural viral programming. Rediscover your Intuition's essence and courageously follow its guidance and wisdom.

Plug into the power of your divine intelligence that offers a continual stream of inspiration, imagination, and innovation. Steep yourself in the wisdom that is available through deep contemplation, reconnecting with Mother Earth and her sacred plant allies, meditation, and mantra. Cultivate DEEP LISTENING within your divine intelligence. 

The Body Temple Practices encompass a comprehensive range of techniques, including holistic nutrition, leveraging the healing potential of nature's medicinal resources, practicing Kundalini yoga, engaging in breathwork, exploring essential oils, embracing yoni healing, and pleasure practices. This holistic approach is designed to create a harmonious balance within the body and tap into the body's innate ability to heal itself.

Additional practices within this framework include Somatic Experiencing™, grounding practices like Shaking (TRE), and various other techniques. These practices actively contribute to the bodies self healing ability and ability and promote overall well being.  

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What my clients are saying...

"It is with an abundance of gratitude that I extend to Alice for such an incredibly profound experience for which I am forever deeply moved. I am honored to have been guided through my introduction to breath work within such a space that facilitated my total capacity to feel safe, which allowed me to vulnerably release an immense amount of feelings and emotions, confronting the depths of which I came into contact with many unhealed parts of myself. I am thankful to have been guided by the light of Alice’s passionate heart of genuine compassion and understanding. I would recommend Alice to anyone and everyone willing to delve into themselves."
- Rebecca

"My session with Alice was everything I could have wanted. Alice created a safe space and then guided me expertly and compassionately through an intense emotional and spiritual experience. Her kindness and expertise made this a truly memorable and important journey."
- Elise

What my clients are saying...

"Working with Alice has been one of the best decisions I have made. Her heart-led advice and wise and disciplined guidance is the perfect future-focused manifestation formula for success. Alice comes from a place of deep love and authenticity that inspires new levels of conscious awakening and goal-oriented results. What a true blessings she is. I am deeply grateful for her influence in my life."
- Elizabeth

What my clients are saying...

"This woman has helped support me to dive so deep into confronting & healing my trauma!! I am a free woman today because this woman helped save my life on so many levels. If you feel called do not look away! Alice is your safest most loving powerful spiritual warrior Goddess guide!!!"
- Alisha

What my clients are saying...

"If the universe has led you here, consider this a divine appointment. Alice Khalsa will change your life. Alice has stood by me and championed me through the deepest healing I have ever experienced. Everything she touches transforms. Alice is an alchemist. Not only is she a brilliant coach, person, and healer, but her programs are artfully created for powerful results. From the beginning until now- my entire life has changed. My vitality, finances, self-worth, family relationships, living situation, connection with spirit, and career… I truly mean everything has up-leveled. If you want to transform your life, heal your trauma, and step into your wildest dreams this is your catalyst… You have come to the right woman."
- Rylee

What my clients are saying...

"Hiding behind negative beliefs, and limiting thoughts that had run my life and I was ready to untangle and disengage from things that no longer were loving to me. Alice invited me to participate at my level of comfort and to take as much healing medicine as I desired. I jumped in with both feet and will NOT look back. I have cleared out space in my life that I didn’t know I needed, and may not have felt worthy of. I love myself more deeply, with more grace and compassion, and I can see myself in my life again. And, Radiant Reboot is just the beginning. I am now in her second group coaching program and the healing, self-discovery, outpour of love, and depth of understanding is unyielding. Every week I treasure my time with her and my group. I recommend this program and working with Alice for every woman."

What my clients are saying...

"Alice thank you for gracefully leading me through processing heavy childhood trauma during our Parts Integration session. The safe container you created allowed me to fully speak my truth and transform myself. My eyes felt like I was seeing through new lenses afterwards!"
- Sarah

What my clients are saying...

"Alice has held me (and so many others) during a deep cleaning, healing, growth and coming home process and for that, I am deeply and eternally grateful. She has allowed me to (re)ignite what feels like my authentic soul work and that is true freedom and alignment. She has also allowed me to show up as I’m meant to which will impact the work I do, helping humanity to awaken and evolve, especially the professional community which I’m excited to serve in my authentic light! Thank you, a million times over again. Deep bows of gratitude. I’m SO glad I said YES to myself through this program."
- Jenn

What my clients are saying...

"I tried classical therapy. I tired coaching. I tried a clinical psychologist. I tried a medical therapist…I tried hypnotherapy and past life regressions. I wrote in my journal. I traveled to holy places to bow my head. I took weekend workshops. I tried group therapy…Then I found Alice. Her personal experience, her insight, her knees and her vast knowledge of techniques that work helped me heal my past…and find the courage to make meaningful changes in my life. For this I am truly grateful.”
-Coaching Client 

What my clients are saying...

"Alice Khalsa is by far one of the most dynamic and powerful leaders in the world of Holistic Healing and Deep Transformation. She understands the relationships between mind, body and spirit and how to facilitate the safest and most effective experiences for lasting change. If you are serious about your health, wellbeing and freedom - look no further."
- Ama

What my clients are saying...

I have tears in my eyes because I never imagined I would be able to find so much joy in my body and in movement. I can’t wait to share the gifts and tools you shared with me, to show others that they too can heal, that we are enough, and that together, we can heal the planet! Beyond grateful!
- Luna

What my clients are saying...

"Alice developed an amazing modality that assists others in finding their own unique path to true health. She understands and practices the holistic path that it’s the Body, Mind and Spirit that leads to true health and healing. Bottom-line, Alice puts the HEART and HOPE back on the Path to Good Health."

What my clients are saying...

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